Friday, August 20, 2010

Tracking the Heat Wave of 2010

4:30 PM Sunday Update... New post coming soon.  Refreshing air in the forecast!

9:30 PM Saturday Update... For the 21st time this year, we hit 100 degrees in Little Rock.  While it's possible Sunday, most of the model data shows highs in the mid and upper 90s.  We won't get into the slightly drier air until late Sunday.

The storms today caused several problems for those of you in Benton.  High winds brought down trees and power lines.  Here are a  few pictures taken from our own storm chaser, Bobby Powers.  He's also known as "WeatherClipper."  If you have any pictures, you can send them to

Benton, AR from Bobby Powers
Benton, AR from Bobby Powers
Benton, AR from Bobby Powers

In 11 days, meteorological summer ends and we'll have the final numbers for all the records we're breaking.  It's a long list and it keeps growing.  For instance, if August ended today, it would be...

  1. The hottest August on record by avg. monthly temperature (88.8 degrees)
  2. The hottest August on record by avg. low temperature (77.5 degrees)
  3. The 3rd hottest August on record by avg. high temp. (100.1 degrees)
While there are many records within reach, If the summer of 2010 ended today it would be...
  1. The 6th driest on record (4.40'')
  2. The hottest summer by average temperature
Also, portions of the state are experiencing a moderate to severe drought.  This is mainly affecting far southern and eastern Arkansas. CLICK HERE FOR DROUGHT CONDITIONS.

This is amazing considering the incredibly wet year of 2009.  I know it's only August, but here is something to think about.  The 10th driest year in Little Rock history is 1936 (35.32 inches).  We would have to receive almost 3 inches of rain each month for the rest of the year NOT to have one of the top 10 driest years on record. This is pretty amazing after having the wettest year on record last year.

2010 Rainfall is through August 20th

2010 Avg. Summer Temperature so far is  86.27
2010 100 degree days is 21
2010 90 degree days is 91
2010 Consecutive 90 degree days is 53


Jeff said...

Thanks for the new post Todd. Also, love to see you using the Google Earth buildings that I have modeled for Little Rock. Need to do some more sometime. Do you think we will crack the top 10 driest years?

snowenthusaist said...

What a night. I was tired so I turned the lights off a little before 10 and turned them back on around 10:05. The storm started with a big clap of thunder then it started raining heavy. I thought, ok just a T. shower but then I heard this swishing noise so I looked out the window. The wind was blowing like crazy. This is how much it was blowing~my house has a covered porch and it was blowing so hard that the windows where covered with water underneath the porch When I get out of the house today, I might take my camera with me in case if I see any broken tree branches or anything and email them to you. by the way, sorry if I made that sound like a story but It was a very nice storm.