Sunday, November 07, 2010

"Shooting The Breeze" with Snowbird Bob!

For those of you who read the comment section, you know "Snowbird Bob"!  He's making bold predictions about the first part of winter so I decided to interview him.  In the video, we discuss snow chasing, snow/ice forecasting, and we get to know the man behind the blog posts.  Hope you enjoy!


Eric said...

hey Todd and snowbird bob very good job on shooting the breeze both of u did great an very intresting on what may be coming down the pike weather wise.

Anonymous said...

You guys are getting me all excited about the possibility of winter making an early appearance this year!! Great interview, Todd! Beautiful girl you have their, Bob! Thanks for sharing with us today!

Alan Jones said...

Todd and Snowbird Bob,

thanks for the great interview.

One thing to keep in mind as we get closer to the predicted "time frame" of end of November remember that November 25 is Thanksgiving. Adding in the unscientific process of Mother Nature and snow messing with people that want/need to travel for Thanksgiving (bustiest travel time of year) could increase the chances of snow for some areas. That whole week/weekend could have a bulls eye.

Of course the bulls eye could be on areas with much larger airports so the news can do all sorts of stories about people stuck at the airports and not getting to see family or not getting back to work on time.

I will be curious to see if any perception hits that travel weekend.

keep up the good work.

Alan Jones

Eric said...

looks like little rock adams field hit 32 degrees saturday night and has a 2 to 0 lead in freezing temps over north little rock airport, i think its time for the national weather service in north little rock to ditch where they are taking these temps an invest in finding a new place maybe like at ground level instead of the hill or wherever they are taking temps. they have to be the only place in the state that has not hit 32 degrees, what a joke that is. anyway just one persons opinion. great interview todd i hope to see more this coming up winter.

Bimini Butterfly said...

Todd I have been trying to figure out how to add #ARWX on Twitter so I can see when yall update? I'm confused by the whole Twitter thing??? Help?