Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wild Weather Swings

11 AM Saturday Update... I'm taking the day off work to spend time with the family.  We're decorating our Christmas tree and our house.  

I will have a new post Sunday as the computer models are showing some fun and games down the road, especially the week after next.  Don't trust the details, but watch the pattern.  I'll have more Sunday...

11:30 AM Friday Update...The big chill has gripped much of the United States now including West Monroe, LA.  Thanks Snowbirdbob for these pics of sleet/snow.

West Monroe. LA

 Sleet in Fayetteville sent in from Cory Everett...


8 PM Wednesday Update... Little Rock hit a high today of 78 which was just two shy of the record.  We're still going cold turkey Thursday!

11 PM Tuesday Update... Near record highs possible for Little Rock Wednesday.
Evening run of the NAM says 80.  GFS says 76.  The record for Little Rock is 80 set in 1973.

Thanks for making the first Arkansas Weather Live tons of fun.  I will have more t-shirts to give away over the winter.

The blog is being promoted on the air and our promotion manager, best in the biz., has created a memorable spot.  Check it out below.  It's one of the first HD promos to ever air on Channel 7.

The pattern continues to look very unsettled with mild readings Wednesday.  Some severe weather will be possible especially for eastern Oklahoma into western and northwestern Arkansas.  The models continue to struggle with the timing of the frontal passage Thanksgiving.  Our exclusive model, Futurecast, is very slow and keeps it north of Little Rock most of Thursday.  The GFS model is fast and moves it through during the morning.  It seems that it's at least possible for the mountains to slow the southward progression of the front. The thing about the model run that caught my eye was the HUGE contrast in temperatures from north to south... 20s in the NW to 70s across the south!!!!!! It will be interesting to watch for sure!

As the precipitation comes to an end Thursday night into Friday morning, some of the moisture could turn to a wintry mix for western and northern Arkansas.  This will not be a big deal, but it will be a shock to the system as temperatures take a wild swing.  I'll keep you updated here and on twitter!


Exclusive Futurecast from Tuesday AM run


Anonymous said...

Praying Southeast doesn't get any severe stuff tonight, even though it looks like it wont even get here till tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Northeast Arkansas is under a winter wx advisory for tomorrow evening and night. Please come westward :)


Hello Everyone, Well, As it looks now I am going 2 for 2 if I-40 North in Ark see's a little snow with Thursdays system, That's not to bad from a month out lol.No, It didn't get quite as cold as I had said but, I see a very cold period coming, also could be some active winter weather along with it also as we head into Dec. I would say as of now,according to all the research I have done, Dec.3-18 could have some cold periods in between those dates that will make this cool spell feel warm, I am talking highs in the 20's & 30's for the entire state of Ark, with low's in the single digits & teen's. There are signs of a huge high pressure building into the Northern Plains, I am talking 1045-1060 & With the snowpack up there, as Ninja stated last night on the live show,It could be primed for a arctic intrusion. We Shall See..

The Weather Fanatic said...

Bring on the cold! I can't wait to see everyone shivering! I love the cold. If we get highs in the 20's and 30's this far south next month, we will be fair game for something frozen statewide one would think (hopefully sleet or snow). I want to see someone in Northern Arkansas get more than they are predicting tomorrow. I wouldn't be surprised!

Expect the unexpected!..that is my theme for this winter season.

Anonymous said...

i hope your right snowbirdbob i hope an pray little rock can get some snow real soon.

Chad Gardner said...

Snowbird Bob, my prediction is coming true as well. Someone is getting a foot of snow today. And the lucky recipients are the upper peninsula of Michigan.

I've got mad prediction skillz...

jimmylee42 said...


Funny, I just looked at a web cam at Porcupine Lodge in the UP and they had what looked like a good base of 6". At 12:30 they have sun out with some fast moving clouds, getting ready for some more snow.

Anonymous said...

alright everyone, when is the next possible winter event we need to be watching for? I want a white Christmas!