Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vilonia Tornado

Channel 7 storm chaser Bobby Powers (WeatherClipper) got this exclusive video of the tornado as it moved into Vilonia.  This cannot be broadcast without permission.

Video streaming by Ustream

Last night was truly devastating.  While analyzing radar, I noticed the rotation beginning to develop near Maumelle and moments later, a tornado warning was issued.  As it crossed over the Arkansas River, Ned and I noticed a radar signature which indicated debris getting sucked up off the ground.  This debris are peoples homes, trees, and whatever else was in path of the large wedge tornado as it moved through Vilionia.  Here are a few images of the radar and the radar loop.

Thanks to the WeatherNinja for chasing yesterday and streaming live video of 2 funnels.  The Arkansas Democrat Gazette was riding along with him.  They are working on an in depth story about his storm chasing for Channel 7 and the Arkansas Weather Blog.

Also thanks to WeatherClipper (Bobby Powers) and Robert Rowland for calling in what they saw.  The team assembled helped informed Arkansans on this deadly night.

Our thoughts and prayers go to all those affected.  Please help your fellow Arkansans by donating to the "Spirit of Arkansas Tornado Relief".  We have teamed up with the Red Cross to help in anyway possible.

We have another round of severe weather later this afternoon  into the overnight.  Portions of central and southern Arkansas are under a high risk for wind, hail, and tornadoes.  We'll have you covered again on Channel 7!

Debris sucked up off the ground seen on doppler radar as the tornado moved across the Pulaski county line into Vilonia

The debris ball and hook echo more pronounced as it goes through Vilonia
Here's the tornado going into southeastern Faulkner county.  Notice the other hook developing in WLR.  This is the storm which traveled to the Little Rock Air Force Base and produced damage.


Ashley said...

Todd- Do you have an estimated time line as to afternoon/nite?? WHen do you think the storms will begin firing? Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

What exactly are we seeing in the video? I see clouds and rain hitting a windshield, and someone making an occasional joke about car keys. Actual footage of a tornado would be great. Also, why does a video ad play about 19 seconds into the video?

tboyce1979 said...

Has anyone seen the AR River from Downtown? Scary scary high!

Anonymous said...


In the NWS release on Apr 28th, tornado #3 (Fountain Lake/Jessieville) is being considered as one tornado. I believe the storm direction and the damage path supports two tornadoes. Looking at radar data, I believe there are two visible areas of rotation as well, probably from the same cell.

Please pass this on to the appropriate people.

Doug Lackey
Hot Springs