Monday, August 22, 2011

2011 Summer Contest... The Final Countdown

10 AM Thursday Update... Thanks so much Arkansas.  I just received notification that the Arkansas Weather Blog won best blog in the state of Arkansas by the Society of Professional Journalists.  Thanks for reading.  As you know, this blog has become a passion of mine!

8:30 PM Wednesday Update... If you want to see amazing time lapse of clouds in Maumelle from Wednesday, check out my facebook fan page.  Thanks to my friend Billy for shooting it.  It's awesome!


Only 7 days left in the summer contest and mother nature threw us a curve ball Wednesday with highs only in the lower 80s.  Remember, we're using "Price Is Right" rules.  The closest without going over wins.  Let's say high temperatures hit 90 degrees everyday through the end of the month, that will put a smile on "WeatherNinja's" face wouldn't it?  Anything can happen and others are in the running, except me.  I'm wayyyyyy out of it right now.  The winner of contest #1 wins a free, 1 year subscription to, a blog shirt, and 4 Gold Corral tickets.

The winner of contest #2 (guessing the number of 100 degree days) wins one free copy of RadarScope for IPhone users, one free copy of RadarScope for mac users,  4 tickets to the Golden Corral and an "Arkansas Weather Blog" t-shirt.  If we don't get any more 100 degree days, Adam Smith will be the winner.  Let's wait and see before congratulating Adam, but it's looking very good for him right now.  The contest numbers are below.

We are coming down to the wire in the Arkansas Weather Blog summer contest.  If we don't get any more 100 degree days, Adam Smith will be the winner of contest #2 with 18, 100 degree days so far this year.  This means contest #1 is the one to watch.  Only a handful are still in the running.  I'll keep this updated as we close in on the final day, August 31st.  An explanation of the contests can be found by clicking "Summer Contest" in the bar above.

Updated Tuesday, August 30th
Contest #1: 8732
Contest #2: 100 degree days= 18
Precipitation: 7.01''

NameContest #1Contest #2Contest #2 Tiebreaker
Mark Cartwright824699.85''
Chris McCrillis829959.21''
Shelley Vaughn9785148.65''
Mark Thomas8283810.00''
Michael Bodiak8247112.75''
Omarr Wilson8600510.50''
Pryor Robertson8232415.38''
Johnnie Klein114552121.68''
Zac Bradley8473413.50''
Sarah Langston8500219.20''
Natalie Bishop8648114.76''
Adam Smith8602188.62''
Amy Braswell8562127.77''
Alyssa Martinez8937205.08''
Kurt Cover9402712.35''
Kaleb Turner78451421.25''
Bob Read (Snowbirdbob)8001211.85''
Jack Somers8621419.21''
Mitch Higginbotham79201315.15''
Jose Covas8510227.26''
Bob Harmon84831110.74''
Christopher Echols7542911.59''
Daniel Bishop8499916.49''
Vickie Reeves 828214.95''
Brent Brainerd 85101312.82''
Amanda Paige8065115.23''
Justin Lloyd77281218.68''
Nickie Fite8533195.50''
Chris Poplin8338147.10''
Josh Green7991139.18''
Joey Langston8310012.19''
Chad Gardner8309112.01''
Bobby Powers864888.00''
Nancy Knowles8142--
Alison Suitor9450--
Jim Moore8600168.50''
Todd Yakoubian (Not Eligible)8360411.77''

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