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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Traskwood Wildfire

Meet the "WeatherClipper"!  He's the one who took the video below.  In this video blog, we discuss the wildfires, earthquakes, and weather pattern.

Here's the 1st video of the wildfire in Traskwood.  Our own storm chaser, Bobby Powers, also known as the "WeatherClipper" shot it Sunday afternoon.

As of 6 PM, smoke is filling the sky from Saline into Pulaski counties including the Little Rock area.

If you look at the "Central Arkansas Radar" on the right side of the blog, you can clearly see the plume of smoke on the radar moving north out of Saline County.

Flames in Traskwood Sunday October 10th, 2010

Picture from Tim.  Debris from the fire falling out of the sky along Alcoa Rd. in Saline county.  Tim says they are the size of golf balls to baseballs.

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snowenthusiast said...

saw a very interesting sunset yesterday in Sherwood. The sun was orange/red. I wish that storm complex moving out of Oklahoma to give us some rain