Friday, November 17, 2017

Is There Such A Thing As "Cool Turkey"?

Plenty of weather over the next 7-10 days as 2 fronts move through the state.  This new blog video goes into
  1. Specific rain timing this weekend
  2. Gusty winds.
  3. Shower chances
  4. Tumbling temperatures
  5. Weather for the busiest travel day (Wednesday)
  6. Thanksgiving forecast

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Going Cold Turkey

BUSY time of the year coming up as we go into Thanksgiving.  I can't believe it's almost here.  There will be quite a bit of variation in temperature over the next 7-10 days as at least 2 fronts move through the state.

This video goes over all the specifics for Thanksgiving and at this time, most of the data points to some chilly weather.  Since it's in the long range, it can change and I'll keep you updated.

Thursday, November 02, 2017

NO-vembrrrrrrrr. Record Warmth.

After record lows last weekend, we're going the other way and will challenge record highs!  Today (Thursday) will be close, but we'll probably fall short.  The record is 83° set in 1961.  With clouds, we're going with 79 to 80°.  If we break out into sunshine, we'll be close to that record.

Lows over the next several days will be close to average highs for this time of the year.  We could be close to the warmest over night lows for the date.  Above is our forecast and those records which will be challenged.  Again, these are LOW temperatures.  I wish they were highs.

What about the outlook for the next couple weeks?  There's a ton of cold air, but it should stay bottled up across the northern United States into Canada.  There will be a couple instances where a piece will get shoved south, but any cool air intrusion will not have the ability to lock and hold.  Arkansas will be the battle ground between the cold air to the north and the warmer air over the state.  This will produce several chances for rainfall over the next couple weeks.  This is completely normal.  As we have told you numerous times, November is the wettest month of the year and this is completely expected.

One more thought.  Eventually we will have a surge of cold air that will lock in for awhile.  Once we get to that transition (more than 10 days away), watch out for big storms.  It could come at a price in the form of strong storms.  That's something to keep in mind in the VERY long range forecast as we are now firmly in our secondary severe weather season.