Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Summer? Don't think so...

What a strange summer this is becoming. The above map is a hand drawn chart from the Hydrological Prediction Center predicting rainfall amounts over the next three days. As you can see, it's indicating more than 3 inches of rainfall over southern Arkansas. A front in the area along with disturbances in a northwesterly flow aloft will help produce periods of rainfall with locally heavy rainfall and, yes, flooding.

That's the bad news. The good news... days are ticking away and the chance of hitting 100 degrees this summer is getting smaller and smaller. The reason, soil moisture is abundant now and the suns energy goes into evaporating it. Once the moisture in the soil is low, the chance of hitting the century mark goes up. It's still possible as we have a solid two months left of heat.

As the title of this entry indicates, this is not a typical summer here in Arkansas or even this region of the country. It's also NO indicator of what kind of fall or winter we will have.

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