Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Another Record Could Fall

Photo courtesy of Glenda Hicks. 107 degrees. wow!

The record high today is 103 set back in 1954. Yes, a 53 year old record could fall in Little Rock. Today, we should see temps. hit 103-106. Let's examine what was going on back in 1954...

Gallon of gas... 29 cents
Avg. cost of car... $1950
Avg. cost of house... $17,500
Avg. annual salary... $4,700
Minimum wage... 75 cents/hour
Stamp... 3 cents

9 AM update... Tropical Storm Dean forms in the Atlantic. Still several days away from the United States.

1 PM Update... Temperatures just a degree or two cooler compared to yesterday at this time. Maybe our heat wave has peaked. It's still dangerously hot right now with a temperature of 100. Got some of my yard work done before it got too hot. The tropics are coming to life in a big way right now. There's Tropical Storm Dean in the Atlantic, but even closer to home is a system brewing in the Gulf of Mexico which COULD become a tropical depression this afternoon.

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