Wednesday, August 15, 2007

August Turns Angry?

This is usually a quite time of year with typical heat and humidity. The tropical season is underway, but doesn't really start to cook until late in the month into September. This year presents some active weather in terms of high heat and now a big flare up in the tropics.

First, another record may fall today. The record is 104 set in 1954. Tomorrow, the record is 107 set in 1943. We should be well below the 107 so today is probably the last record setting day for awhile. The heat wave breaks a bit by the end of the week, but temperatures remain well above normal.

Now onto the tropics. We have a new depression in the Gulf which should affect Texas with tons of rainfall. This has a high potential of becoming "Erin" and makes landfall as a strong tropical storm. This should not have any impact on our state, although we could use a few raindrops.

Next is Tropical Storm Dean. Still well out into the Atlantic, this shows signs of becoming a hurricane and models are taking it into the Gulf Of Mexico next week. This has real potential of affecting the United States. How does it impact our weather? Still way to early to know for sure.

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