Saturday, August 18, 2007

Dean The Machine And Heat To Beat

That title took about 3 minutes to make up if you were wondering. First of all, Dean's track is looking further and further south which is great news for the United States. IF this trend continues, he will likely strike Jamaica, the Yucatan Peninsula, then Old Mexico. AGAIN, IF THIS HAPPENS, it would mean the United States has NOT seen a hurricane make landfall since the devastating 2005 season. It's a stat. I hope continues, but in reality, it's not likely to last. Texas will still see Dean's rainfall and some wind.

The heat wave continues, but is taking a beating and is losing its steam very slowly. There is more moisture in the air so the heat index is still up there and it can be dangerous. This morning during Saturday Daybreak, showers and storms began developing quickly as we neared the end of the show. Moisture surging from the south around the circulation of the remnants of Erin along with a weak front could keep showers going in a few spots with locally heavy rainfall.

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