Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Remember those 80 degree temperatures last weekend? We warned you. It's having a hard time getting out of the 40s today as the area of low pressure is sitting on top of Arkansas. I was afraid this was going to happen (read posting below). If you were watching this past weekend, I mentioned the extreme differences among all of the computer model data. Some had the upper low way east of us and some of the models took it westward into west Texas. This caused some of the model data to eliminate rain chances and warm temperatures up to 70. I didn't buy into it and I'm glad now. Forecasting these "cut-off" lows is very, very difficult and this one proved to be no exception. This is turning out to be even colder than I anticipated. Conditions do improve later on this week, but I'm kinda enjoying this weather. We have not had this type of weather since early April.

Now, onto Halloween. Come back to this blog over the next couple of days and I will post something special going on this Halloween that you can go see. That's all I'm going to say right now.

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