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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fall Pictures Looking Fantastic

Sorry I have not posted over the last few days. The fall pictures are coming in like crazy now and these are just a few. Please keep them coming to the station, but only send your best one or two as our e-mail is getting very, very full. We have received well more than 100 just this week alone. You may remember last year we put together a special fall video, look for something similar this fall.

WOW, it has felt like spring the last few days, but a reality check comes this afternoon. A clash in air masses and available moisture means showers and thunderstorms look good this afternoon. As a matter of fact, the storm prediction center has placed much of us under a slight risk for severe weather today. NOT a big outbreak, but a strong storm or two can be expected.

By the way, I have been reading some reports about the La Nina in progress and how this one is very strong and quite possibly could be the strongest on record. This will likely result in a warmer and drier winter, but nothing is certain about the weather.

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