Friday, November 30, 2007

Holiday Spirit

I wanted to keep the fall video up for awhile for everyone to enjoy. Now it's time to get into the Holiday Spirit. The pictures above are obviously not from Arkansas. The first one is from the base of Big Mountain, Montana. It's my favorite ski resort and I've been to Tahoe, New Mexico, etc. They are getting ready for opening day next week. The second picture is from downtown Whitefish, Montana looking up to Big Mountain. I lived in Missoula, Montana for a couple of years just out of college. For a southern boy, it was a shock to the system to get soooo much snow. My first winter we had 111 inches of holiday spirit. There was snow on the ground for months. Anyway, Christmas is a great time up there. Ski lovers, the west should be the place to be this year, but I'm sure the east will get its snow soon too.

We have received MANY e-mails asking about our snow chances in Arkansas this year. While I don't put much faith into long term forecasts (just look at the hurricane forecast the past two years), we are under the influence of a strong La Nina. Because of this, there is higher than normal confidence that this winter will average above normal with temperatures and below normal with precipitation. I'm sure at some point this winter, we'll have to deal with some wintry weather so just be patient....or go someplace where it is snowing.

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