Monday, July 19, 2010

What A Way To Spend A Vacation

A friend of mine is vacationing at St. Maarten and sent me this picture of rainy weather compliments of a tropical wave passing by his resort location. 

This highlights the need to watch the tropics this week as there are two areas the Hurricane center is keeping a close eye on. 

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Shack said...

WOW!!!! I haven't poked around the new site yet, but it looks awesome so far. I hope everyone has been doing great. Todd, I saw your tweet on the right side of the page about wind gusts, YEP, just blew over a fan on the deck and almost blew the dog's stuffed animal down the stairs, lol. It's rolling in!! We need the rain though.

I'll try to get back sooner and more often, my biz picks up more in the warmer months.

Take care all.

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