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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's Going To Be Close!

2 PM Wednesday Update... We tied 1980... 57 consecutive 90 degree + days.  

8:30 AM Wednesday Update... Today is the day!  Will we tie the all time record for consecutive 90 degree days?  The GFS says 91 while the NAM says 89.  Let's split the difference and call for a high of 90 and see what happens.  The GFS LAMP shows the temperature here in Little Rock at 90 degrees at 3 and 4 PM today so I think there's a very high chance to tie the record today.

Breaking the record could be a different story Thursday.  The GFS says 87 while the NAM is going for 86.

I know this is sad, but I want to break this record.  We have come this far so we might as well go all the way.  The "Fall-Tastic" air arrives Wednesday and that could wipe out our chance at establishing the top spot in the record books for "Consecutive 90 Degree Days.

2010 Consecutive 90 degree days is 56
If we hit 90 Wednesday, it will tie 1980 for 1st place.  We must hit or exceed 90 degrees both Wednesday and Thursday to achieve the record.  As of Tuesday morning, the GFS and NAM model both indicate a high Wednesday of 90 degrees.  For Thursday, the GFS shows a high of 87 while the NAM shows a high of 85.

I think it's still possible to stay above 90 for a couple reasons.  The ground is very, very dry at the official reporting station in Little Rock, Adams Field.  With ample sunshine and dry air also in place, it would not take much to warm the air to 90-92 degrees.  However, the Canadian high pressure will supply a northeasterly breeze which will make it difficult for the mercury to climb.

Don't misunderstand me, I WANT RELIEF FROM THE HEAT!  But breaking the record would also be nice so stay tuned.

One more thing, "WeatherNinja" has a great section on "Ninja's Corner" about the 5 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.  There is so much that runs through my mind when I recall those sad days leading up to and following the devastation.  Does anyone remember the statement from the National Weather Service office in New Orleans one day prior to landfall?  It said "MOST OF THE AREA WILL BE UNINHABITABLE FOR WEEKS...PERHAPS LONGER..."  Hopefully we can post the entire statement soon.  It sends chills up and down my spine reading it.

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Dovienya said...

I remember that weather bulletin really well. I didn't have any friends or family in New Orleans, but reading that kind of thing shocked me. Wikipedia has the entire weather bulletin (with links to sources, since it's hard to rely on Wikipedia sometimes).

I'm with you on tying the record. We've come this far, one more day won't hurt us, and then we'll be in the record books until... well, until the next hot summer! Definitely looking forward to fall, though.