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Monday, August 30, 2010

Sizzling Summer Statistics Smashed!

We are down to the wire and it's going to be close.  The cool weather to end August will have an impact on the final average summer temperature, but will it be enough to take us out of 1st place?  I don't think so based on my calculations and some assuming.

It's important to understand meteorological summer ends on the last day of August.  If we assume a high Monday of 85 and a high Tuesday of 90 with a low Tuesday morning of 73, we would still have the hottest summer on record by average temperature.  It would give us a final average of 85.74 degrees which is a full .33 of a degree above the 2nd place year of 1954.

As of Monday August 30th... 85.88 degrees

Also, we are on track to tie 1887 for 8th driest summer on record.  This assumes no more rain Monday and Tuesday, but there are chances which would change this record.  Stay tuned!


jimmylee42 said...

We got almost 1/2 inch out here in WLR and that was just enough not to have to water the yard today.

It is interesting all the records we are breaking this summer or challenging. Amazing how few daily records we have set this summer. Just shows how consistent the heat has been.

I see where Hurricane Earl is growing and is becoming more of a threat to the East Coast. Last track shows more of a westerly trend.

Anonymous said... This is the offical site at North Little Rock at the National Weather Service. Why the difference? There wasn't even a one hundred degree day in July. I would think NOAA would have a better way of taking the correct temperture. Is your temperture recorded from the middle of little rock?

Todd Yakoubian said...

To the previous poster... the record breaking heat came from Adams Field and not N. Little Rock. The LR Adams Field record book dates back to the 1870s. NLR didn't hit 100 as many times because of higher soil moisture from a few isolated storms there this summer. Also, elevation may have played a role as well. Hope this helps!