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Saturday, October 02, 2010


I'm officially renaming this month.  As of Saturday, we haven't had significant rainfall in 21 days.  This means we are on pace for another record... consecutive days without measurable rainfall.   Right now, I don't see any over the next 7-10 days which will put us close to the top 10.  Here's the list...


jimmylee42 said...

Interesting stats on days in a row dry. I did a little look back and see and according to NWS records: All of the winters following those dry spells were below average in snowfall. Only one of the winters was below average in temp. Seven were above average with two winters about average.

Jack said...

Up at our farm near Bald Knob, it's so dry that the dirt is blowing off the road just from the wind. Normally it takes a car driving down the road to kick up the dust, but the other day it was so windy and dry that the dust was just blowing continually. We need rain! Come on Todd...make it happen. :-D

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