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Monday, October 11, 2010

This "Guy" Is On Shaky Ground

1:30 PM Monday Update... The USGS officially upgrades morning earthquake in Guy to a 4.0 in magnitude.

Here's the map of the Enola swarm of quakes.  This swarm started in the early 80s and since then there have been more than 40 thousand quakes making it the biggest swarm in the central United States.  There were 3 quakes 4.0 and above in 1982 and one of 4.4 in 2001.  This is a seismically active area even before there was natural gas drilling.  Enola is about 10 miles away from Guy so it's not certain if the Enola swarm is directly related, but it's definitely possible. In the video below, we discuss this with Scott Ausbrook at the Arkansas Geologic Survey.

Read more about the Enola Swarm here from the Arkansas Geological Survey


Over the past week, more than 3 dozen earthquakes have been observed near the town of Guy in northern Faulkner county.  The most powerful one occurred Monday morning and was a 3.8 in magnitude felt by Arkansans from Fayetteville to Jonesboro to Mayflower.

I had the opportunity to speak with Scott Ausbrooks at the Arkansas Geologic Survey.  We discuss the possible connection with the Enola swarm of quakes years ago.  He also says there is the potential for a larger quake as well.  Here's the video.



Chris C. said...

Thanks for covering this; it's amazing that so few people seem to be talking about one of the weirdest series of earthquakes I've seen (the recent quakes near OK City are also pretty interesting). Keep up with any updates.

Lori said...

We are in Greenbrier, and while my kids felt the quake at school I didn't feel anything at home. Weird. According to my daughter, the dogs started barking about the time it happened and one has been acting really strange for about a week or so.

Anonymous said...

It always cracks me up when TV stations have their meteorologists doing a stories about geology. It's two different sciences.

Shack said...

Getting small hail here in WLR

tammy boyce (tboyce1979) said...

Had pea size hail hitting the windows here at City Hall Downtown LR! I could do with some more rain since this one was so short lived...maybe I should wash my car again!