Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hold on Tight, This Ride Has Plenty of Twists

The first Arkansas Weather Live will be this evening at 7:30.  I don't anticipate a long show, but we do have several things to talk about including wintry weather for portions of Arkansas to kick off the Holiday season.

It continues to look like the front Thursday will produce HUGE temperature contrasts across the state with chilly temperatures for the north and spring-like weather across the south.  I do have some concern for strong/severe thunderstorms across the SE half of the state.  There will be plenty of shear, but instability remains a question mark. 

If the GFS is correct this morning, we'll have readings in the 60s to start the day in Little Rock.  We could end it in the upper 20s and lower 30s.  As the precipitation comes to an end, there could be a very light wintry mix of sleet, snow, and freezing rain on the back side for west central Arkansas into northern Arkansas.  At this point in time, I don't expect this to be significant.

Tonight on the show, we will give away 3 coupon codes for "RadarScope".  It's the most sophisticated radar app for the iPhone and iPad.  We will also give an Arkansas Weather Blog t-shirt.

We will then talk about the unfolding weather pattern and discuss model data.

The chat room will be open so you can talk to weather enthusiasts all across the state. 

You will be able to ask questions or send comments on twitter, the comment section, or the chat room.

Hope to see you tonight at 7:30 for the most interactive weather experience in the state right here on Little Rock's only weather blog!


Anonymous said...

I live in De Witt and I am praying that we get a lot of clouds and no sun Thursday! Don't like storms and I get very paranoid about them, not in a crazy way though! HA

Anonymous said...

I want snow in little rock any chance in the next few weeks

jimmylee42 said...


Looking forward for 7:30 tonight. The GFS keeps trying to bring some snow in here around the 4th. Even if it happened it looks like it would be just wrap around a low, backside type of moisture.

If anyone is interested in looking at some snow falling and accumulating right now, look at the webcams in UP of Michigan. The one I look at is at Porcupine Lodge. Just google that and it should give you a link.

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