Wednesday, December 08, 2010

South Arkansas Snow

2 PM Wednesday Update... It has been a very busy day and time will not allow me to update the situation for the weekend until late this afternoon or evening.  But I promise I'll have it on there today.

To Hugh, this is very important...  This blog is about having fun and interacting with Arkansans and weather enthusiasts.  I will not allow you to poison the good times here.  I know what you are up to as I can track each and every post to the IP address.  So my advice to you... don't post acting like you're someone else and don't use anonymous... use your NAME.  You are more than welcome to contribute, but don't cross the line.  Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

It's not much, but it's putting everyone in south Arkansas into the Holiday spirit.  Please send your best one or two pictures to and keep the size to 1 MB or less.  I'll add more throughout the day as they come in.  I have more than 50 email pics to go through.  I'll have a new post soon dealing with the "Wild, Wacky Weather Weekend" later today.

Also, check out "Ninja's Corner" for a special Christmas message from NOAA Weather Radio.

Lynn Frost in Monticello
Jerri Wilson in Monticello
This video was shot in Crossett by Larry Courson

Jamie May in Rye, AR
Sue in Monticello
Judy Langley SE Arkansas


Anonymous said...

Nice pics todd. May not be much snow but its more then little rock arkansas had which was zip just as i predicted. Im sure todd you are working on your blog right now about the upcoming weekend. Your probally saying that there may be a chance of severe weather for south ark. and that the north an northeast ark has a chance for snow an little rock wont see nothing but rain. ninja u best get those tickets ready i want 6 golden corrale tickets all 6 dinner tickets. guys little rock was to far north this system for snow an we will be to far south the system sat. the cold will come for a few days but a week from now we will easily be in the 50s. another warm christmas i can feel it. im hugh the master of weather is gone.

Shack said...

"im hugh the master of weather"

Todd, Ninja, Clipper, Fanatic, Bob and all our other contributors.....Pack you bags, looks like you're outta here!!! LOL.

Todd, how do you think hugh and Ned will get along??

All in fun, thanks for all the pics, awesome!


jimmylee42 said...


Looking at the web cam at Porcupine Lodge in the UP of Michigan. They only had 4" on the ground and missed the last couple of days of the lake effect snow. They look like they are going to catch up very fast. It is snowing to beat the band now. If anyone wants to look just google porcupine lodge and it should give you a link for the cam.

Will said...

I now know why Ninja got so irritated with Hugh on an earlier blog. Good grief, give it a rest Hugh. Yes, you are the master of regurgitating the same thing blog after blog. Please either expand your commentary and include some knowledge and data as to why you think what you do or just cut and paste "It's never gonna snow in Little Rock" as it's getting old reading the same nonsense time after time. I enjoy reading what Todd, Ninja, Snowbird Bob and the others have to share with us and your current, continual whining about the weather is not constructive whatsoever......

Anonymous said...

Well hugh u are the most negative person on here. I know you dont think it will snow in little rock this year. You are probally going to be right .but its getting old i wish u would say something positive like maybe it will snow and we would all be surprised. I just dont see any hope for snow this wintet either but i keep it to myself.

Justin said...

I'm with Will! Give us some data and where you come up with your forecasts. If it's just you being pessimistic then we don't think it'll snow this year...we get it! Give us some verifiable data as to why you believe we won't get any snow in LR or NLR (I believe the over-under is 2 inches?). Regurgitating Bastardi's forecast is easy. Even he says we won't be without winter weather. Sorry for the rant fellow blog fans but Will has said what I've been thinking for a year. I rarely post but thought it may be a good opportunity to back up Will.

Anonymous said...

Ok letstalk about the cold and possible wintry weather this weekend. Whats everyones thoughts on this weekend storm?

Shack said...

WOW! Other than hugh, all posters signed their names! Woohoo!

Let's keep up the great work.

"Anonymous" post are so....uh, anonymous.


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone a few thoughts on the upcoming weather this weekend and beyond for little rock. Sat rain and rain stops gets windy cold no snow not even a lonely flurry. Sun and monday low 40s. Sunny middle of next week warmer 60 dwgrees. Sunny. Christmas partly cloudy 61 degrees. New years sunny 58 degrees . Winter has not started offocially but its almost over folks.

tboyce1979 said...

This is getting a bit silly. This blog is for SERIOUS weather enthusiasts and people interested in weather and wanting to learn more about it. And the more we talk back to "Hugh", the more nonsense he spews. It's what he wants guys. It's like that pesky stray animal your parents told you not to feed as a child...keep feeding it and it'll keep coming back! I'm wanting to come on here and see what the REAL experts have to say and all I keep seeing are jabs and jokes at "hugh". I know I've put my share down, but this is getting really ridiculous. I'm just sayin...stop feeding the stray animal :)

Justin said...

Judging from accuweather's forecast it looks like Saturday night and Sunday are going to be interesting. Does anyone know if the 44 mph winds that are forecasted will lower the wind chill to single digits?

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone its Hugh. I want to say im sorry for being a dork. Im going to start being positive on here because i want snow as much as anyone on here. No more negative. Look maybe sat nite is our time if not then we still have the whole winter to go. It seems to me i may be wrong little rock gets its snow as a surprise most of the time. look little rock has had 26 inches before for one winter. records only go back to the late 1800s so no telling how much we had before that. ayway thanks todd for putting me in my place an everyone else i deserved it an ninja an snowbob im sure u will win the bet with ease

WeatherNinja said...

My last post to Hugh. In order to continue our wager. You will need to purchase or acquire two gift certificates to Benihanas in NLR and mail them to Todd. I will do the same with 6 Golden Corral buffett tickets. Todd will hold onto to them until March 31st or a winner is declared (2 inches of snow at either LR/NLR). I must do this since your crazy posts lead me to believe you won't keep your end of the bargin.


Shack said...

Yes Tammy. You're right Tammy. I'm sorry Tammy. It won't happy again Tammy. ;) ;) (Please note the joke).

Well said! Hopefully things will be better now. I hope you had a great summer.

I was just looking at the forecast for my old area of N. FL and they have forcasted low of 11 on Monday. OUCH!


Anonymous said...

Todd we got .25 of rain and snow. none on the ground though, but i was wondering if it would have all been snow how much would it have been? thanks

Jason H said...

Yeah it will warm up after mid-week next week "15th-16th", BUT will it last long is the question. I say no. We will be sitting at 35 for a high with our "Randolph County" first sleet and snow on the ground by Christmas EVE. :-) Wishcasting is great, anyone can do it, even you.

Aaron M said... your comment about 11 in Florida on Monday...I want to know where your data was obtained because I can't find where this is listed.

Aaron M

Aaron said...

I did a non-official non-scientific study of which weather websites and local sites (of Shreveport) where most accurate (temperature wise)'s how it stacks up:
2) NWS
3) The Weather Channel


Aaron M

Shack said...


It was the 10 day forecast from that cable weather station. I have their Android app and it was what they had published for Tallahassee as of yesterday afternoon. This morning it shows 15 degrees instead. They have also backed off our lows here in LR a few degrees as well.

For whatever reason, it can get cold there, it just never lasts.


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