Sunday, January 09, 2011

Snow-Megeddon Wrap Up

SNOW TIME LAPSE... this was put together by my wife.


The latest and most advanced meteorological instrument ever.  It's the "YAK-OMETER".
It measure temperature and snow depth at the same time! LOL

The "Yak-ometer"

A few of my favorite snow pics so far...

Chad Gardner's Dog

WxGuru2u and his wife
I think he likes the snow
Thanks everyone for an extremely fun day here on the Arkansas Weather Blog. A BIG thanks to the WeatherNinja and his partner chaser Eric Hopkins. I didn't mention his name on the news tonight and feel horrible. Eric, THANKS.

These two provided everyone with LIVE streaming video all day long. Think about the miles they drove and the conditions they did it in. Glad everyone made it home ok.

It appears the system that moved through went a bit further north and brought heavy amounts of snow to central and southern Arkansas. Amounts were as high as 8 inches in Malvern to 7'' in Arkadelphia. I estimate about 5'' here in West Little Rock. It feels so good to nail a forecast like that. It wasn't perfect, but when you're dealing with mother nature, it's tough.

Everyone, have a great time playing in the snow Monday and stay safe.  Thanks for making the Arkansas Weather Blog your ticket to BIG weather events!

I will have a new blog post Monday and a special treat for everyone soon.

Here are some more snow totals...

MT. IDA 4.0
MONTICELLO 2.0 - 3.0


Anonymous said...

National weather service says Little Rock, 3 to 7 inches. What does everyone think about the extremely low dew points, currently were at 11?

nlrweatherman said...

The atmosphere will saturate

raishaw said...

Good morning, everyone. I can't remember my psswd to log into the chat. Is there any way I can retrieve or re-set it?

raishaw said...

Help! :-) Anybody out there?

raishaw said...

Help! :-) Anybody out there?

raishaw said...

Nothing in PB yet. Waiting patiently. :-D Can anyone help me retrieve my chat psswd?

Stoccado said...

Go to Google login and click on "Can't access your account?"

Snowenthusiast said...

Light sleet/snow now falling in Sherwood

snowenthusiast said...

I have gotten about 2-3 inches of snow already at my house in Sherwood with about a hour or two of heavy snow to go. sledding for me tomorrow

Ash said...

Todd- was just letting you know as of 7pm I couldnt get the weather closings to come up it says service unavailable.

jimmylee42 said...


Hope not too late for your 10:00 show. I have done the three spot measure here in the St.Charels sudivision in WLR and have come out with 5 inches even as of 9:20.

bimini butterfly said...

still snowing hard here in northern pulaski county. close to 5 inches! Thanks for always keeping us updated on the blog!

Daryl, AE5WX said...

That's because so many people were trying to access the information, that the server reached its limits...just try again later.

What amazes me is that so many people seem to be apathetic that bad weather will occur...they have no idea a storm system is coming...or fail to follow weather safety rules dictated by common sense. Yet, these are the first to scream bloody murder when bad weather hits.

When the National Weather Service issues these forecasts, warnings, etc....and on-air meteorologists like Todd get these on the air... they're not doing it because they need something to do!! The warnings for this winter storm were issued at least 12 hours before the first snow began falling. And, I understand that broadcast stations have had "death threats" because someones favorite program was interrupted by a weather bulletin.

Meteorology is such an inexact science, and weather can change rapidly...if the storm system goes 50 miles in either direction, the entire forecast changes. I've seen it go from clear skies to a tornadic thunderstorm in as little as 20 minutes!!

Daryl, AE5WX
Certified Skywarn Storm Spotter

Anonymous said...

I am in Hot Springs and we have at least 6 inches on the ground at my house...way more than 2.

Jason H said...

Well Pocahontas ended up with 1/2 inch of snow, Woohoo! I thought Todd, and Ryan Vaughan "our local guy" did a great job all in all, and pretty much nailed the forecast. Winter stroms has to be the toughest forecast to call. So much goes in to it, and sooo much can change the forecast with little or no warning. I knew we wouldnt see much, but I felt like I was part of the storm with Ninja and following you guys! Until the next storm......

Jason Hampton
Trained Spotter
K8 Weather watcher

raishaw said...

We measured 3 3/4 inches this morning in PB from the roof of a car that didn't move during the snowfall. I sent a pic. Hope it comes through okay. Going to play in the snow now and enjoy our snow day. :-D

jimmylee42 said...

I concur with all the positive comments about the blog and the participants. It was fun to watch and to keep up with Ninja and Eric's snow chase.

I guess we broke the January 9 snowfall record for the date. Barry said the official amount at Adams field was 5.6 inches. The old record was 5 inches I believe in 1962 for January 9th. Missed that snow, but I was at school in Fayetteville. We got about 8 inches there from the same storm. The low the next day after the storm was -1 in LR and the high was only 11. BRRRRRRR!

Anonymous said...

Anyone have snowfall amounts in yell county?

Anonymous said...

Snowmade ice cream:
1 gallon of snow
1 cup of sugar
1 tablespoon of vanilla extract
2 1/2 cups of milk
stir together in a metal pot or bowl. tried it this morning and it was pretty good!

Anonymous said...

So, what about the next wave of moisture at the end of the week that looks like it is in the forecast. Looks like a lot of moisture. Don't know if the cold will be here, but its something to watch right?

tboyce1979 said...

Got a snow pic coming up soon :) Todd and all you weather smarties did SUCH a good job with this round! I love this blog and the people who make it up...can't wait to see what the weekend has in store!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like as of right now, Ill be makingsome snow ice cream. I never had it before but if we get some good snow this coming weekend here in north arkansas. Ill have to give snow ice cream a try. I never had it in my life lol.

Anonymous said...

i just looked at the gfs by the looks of it this is not the only snow this year.

Anonymous said...

ok Todd I sent a pic to KATV of our gigantic snowman it's almost as tall as my husband and he's 6'3.

AKA PineBluffGirl

Aaron Castleberry said...

I'm a meteorology student at Mississippi State and last night during the snow here a lot of us students slid down a big hill behind the MSU Post Office. We had make shift sleds. We used totes the lids of totes, we use dumster lids which can fit up to 6 people on, card tables, and some people brought out their mattresses. Probably one of the only times we will get to do that at State.

Shack said...

Well, I hope everyone had a great snow day today!

One thing I really noticed about this snow compared to the Febuary snow last year was that it is some much "drier", does that make sense? Last year was that big fat heavy snow. This stuff was definately easier to get off the cars and driveway.

I'm undecided on which kind I like better, last years snow had the biggest flakes that were awesome. I do know yesterdays snow really makes good snowballs that you can pack really tight :)

For whatever reason, my neighborhood's roads are in better shape than the main roads in WLR, not sure if that has to do with the type of snow and lack of people driving on them packing it down or what.

Btw, on an unrelated note, my wife just comes in and tells my our 7 year old daughter is eating her chili and asked for extra onions! LOL.


Mitchell McDill said...

The snow total for Hot Springs of 2inches doesn't look right. I measured 5.5 inches here and the whole county was in the 4 to 6 inch area.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Todd - I appreciate your video!!

NOAA Winter Guidance