Monday, January 31, 2011

Video Blog Discussion... BIG Tuesday Trouble

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Anonymous said...

Can someone give me a rundown of what he said?? A filter will not allow me to view the video.

Jason H said...

Its going to do what the good lord wants it to do. Models are a great indicator, but I have seen them go bad wrong many times over the years. One thing is for sure, this is going to be a storm to remember for someone. With the low getting cranked up and deepening over the mid-south it "could" bring down more cold air the models are showing. Just saying.

I will also say that someone in North Central Arkansas.....Mountain Home-Hardy will get surprised by this one. 6-10 inches?

Mitchell McDill said...

Dry Slots are a very negative thing for those of us who enjoy winter weather. They take away the moisture just when the temperatures get cold enough for frozen precip.

Anonymous said...

The snow wont make it to cen ark but at least we get the rain we need we are already in the hole almost 3 inches on the year. Anyway that dont include last year. Another positive we wont have to deal with icy roads and everything will stay normal here, unlike our border states thats gona be a nightmare and probally alot of fatalities. i like a good snow but not to that degree. Im happy we had a 6 inch snow this year. Lets hope for our neighbors they wont get as much snow that is forecast.

tboyce1979 said...

Is it out of the realm of possiblity now that the low will push any further south? Or is it still a tiny bit possible?

Someone needs to get Snowbird bob a Razorback shirt!!

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