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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Video Blog Discussion January 4th


Anonymous said...

so Todd do you think this cold blast will be sunny and cold or will it be cloudy i cant sand it when its sunny and really cold makes you want to go out and do something then its to cold.

Anonymous said...

How about the gfs around the 16th that would be wild.

Shack said...


Not sure if you saw my tweet to you, did you get your new thermometer locally or online? I have a cheapy wally world one and would like to get something a little more "upscale". If local, do you mind saying where?


Daryl Stout said...

Things could get interesting Sunday. A wintry mix is mentioned in the forecast for parts of central, east central, and northeast Arkansas. It's too early to know accumulations, or travel problems, if any...but it does appear the cold weather will rule next week.

Daryl, AE5WX

Daryl Stout said...

According to the Jan. 5, 2011 morning Area Forecast Discussion from the National Weather Service, Little Rock..."uncertainty is the rule for the extended, as models continue to be all over the place with the placement of the late weekend rain or snow storm. The 00Z ECMWF is now showing a blockbuster snowstorm for the southern half of Arkansas on Sunday, while the GFS is completely dry, and the GEM has rain. Needless to say, this makes for an extremely difficult forecast" "this system bears close watching, as a solution close to the ECMWF would require significant headlines"...and "by Monday night, all lingering precipitation should be snow".

A wintry mix is already in the forecast for portions of central, east central, and northeast Arkansas, according to the Jan. 5, 2011 morning Zone Forecasts.

This could get interesting, as WeatherNinja prefers the GFS (which seems cold biased, anyway), and Todd prefers the ECMWF. Arkansas Weather Live, anyone?? :)

Daryl, AE5WX

jimmylee42 said...


Blake was lovin him some ear. That was cute video.

I agree with snowbird Bob that we could reach zero without snow cover. We have done that in the past. I remember Dec 89 as the most recent one. It does lower the temp when you have a mantel of snow on the ground. Instead of just zero or 1 below you could have 5 or 6 below with the same conditions in place.

I still am holding to the winters of 2011-12 and 2013-14 to be colder and snowier in this current 6 year cycle.