Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Thunder Wrap Up & AMAZING Lightning Strikes

As we thought, this wasn't going to be an outbreak for the Channel 7 viewing area.  The forecast for damaging thunderstorm winds and isolated tornadoes worked out.  Thanks to everyone who contributed to the blog in the chat room and thanks for sending in pictures.

The WeatherNinja and WeatherClipper were incredible.  They intercepted the storm in Lonoke county with a possible tornado on it and we streamed it LIVE here on the Arkansas Weather Blog and on Channel 7.  They were able to report broad rotation in the clouds as it aired live.  I highly do not recommend anyone chasing storms.  These guys are trained and know what they are doing.  I'll have more here Friday dealing with the severe threat late Sunday.

Check out this amazing video and pictures sent to Channel 7 from S. Todd Miller.  Redistribution of this video and pictures is prohibited.

Picture from S. Todd Miller late Thursday

Picture from S. Todd Miller late Thursday

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Anonymous said...

This picture is faboulous! My ten year old son was absolutley fascinated by this picture and has asked to see it several times. He has seen pictures of lightening before, but never of a landmark he has actually visited. He was affected by the timing, too. I told him that this is why I was warning him to stay in the house and away from the windows yesterday during the lightening and thunder. This illustrated for him, better than all my lectures, the danger of lightening!

Also, when I first saw this picture, a caption popped into my head. Maybe there should be a caption contest! Mine would be "Mother Nature weighs in on the NWS budget cuts".....LOL

Susan in Heber....

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