Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Video Blog Discussion

9 PM Wednesday Update... I will resume blogging Thursday.  I have had a much needed break after that incredible stretch of winter weather.  If you missed the statistic from Jimmylee42, the three hits of winter weather within one week was the first time that happened since January 1978.

Some of you may remember my tweet several days ago about tornado fatalities in Arkansas over the past 2 years.  All of them have been over the age of 60.  That's something I think we really need to discuss and find solutions to make sure everyone gets warning and has a safe place.  That's a discussion we will be having soon I hope.


We're getting ready to go into an active pattern. Will thunderstorms be in the forecast? Watch the video blog discussion below.

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Amy said...

Thanks, Todd! Interesting discussion! La Nina has made for a really fun winter, but I sure don't like the Severe Weather potential that could come along with it for Spring. Growing up on the Grand Prairie, I know the power and fury of an Arkansas tornado first hand. I pray that 2011 will defy the La Nina odds, and keep severe weather to a minimum. Soooooooo, how 'bout that next snowstorm???? Are we still looking pretty good for the first week or so of March?? I just can't help myself!!!!! I hate to see this winter go!

Snowbird Bob said...

Hey Amy, I am speaking for myself, I do feel as we head into the Feb.25-March 5 Time-Frame, that parts of Arkansas will see a big weather change,COLDER, with the possibility of Wintry Weather,After that all bets or off, Yes, you could get your rare late Winter Storm or two but the odd are not in our favor...Let just sit back & hold on for this wild bumpy ride as we round out this month,, I say roar in like a Lion & out like a lamb..We Shall See

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