Sunday, March 27, 2011

All Hail

9:30 PM Sunday Update... We're getting amazing hail pictures and video into the station tonight.  We have reports of cars sliding off I-430 into the median near Stagecoach road due to a huge amount of hail on the road.  In many places, a few inches piled up making some areas look like a winter wonderland.  Check out this picture from Avilla, Arkansas which is just north of Bryant.

Viewer pic of hail covering the ground in Avilla, AR

We had showers in the forecast for this afternoon, but the hail was a bit of a surprise.  There's plenty of cold air in place at the surface and aloft to support the production of hail.  This combined with a disturbance helped generate a round of rain with embedded areas of hail.

It's amazing how cold it has gotten after 80 plus degrees for many of us.  The cold weather will stick around for most of the week with highs in the 40s and 50s.  A warm up is waiting for us next weekend!

We received a ton of pics and video of the hail.  THANKS!  Here are a few below.  You can always send us your weather pictures and video to

Here's video from Mike Still in Lonsdale...

Picture from Mike Still of Lonsdale hail!  WOW!!!!

Highway 298 north of Benton
Hail drifts in Benton from Kristen Anderson


snowenthusiast said...

I didn't see any hail in Sherwood just lots of lightning. Nice pictures though!

Anonymous said...

What are the chances now for cold or rainy weather on Thursday evening? Making a weather call for a big event and it looks like it's supposed to be warmer than expected? The event will be from 5-7 pm

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