Friday, June 03, 2011

It's So Hot...

Record Highs for Little Rock over the next week
More heat and yet another game.  Can you fill in the blank?  "It's so hot..."

I posed the question on my facebook page and had plenty of good responses that I'll post below.  Leave your answer to the question in the comment section and have fun and be creative!  We all need a good laugh to get us through this early Summer heatwave.

Southern Arkansas in a moderate to extreme drought.
Will we hit 100 degrees?  Tough question!  Those of you who follow the weather blog know that I always talk about the 3 conditions necessary for single digit temperatures in Little Rock during the winter.  In the summer, there are 3 necessary conditions as well: strong high pressure, complete sunshine, and a dry ground.  We have all of those except a completely dry ground due to the recent rains.  At some point that will change if this pattern continues and we'll hit the century mark.  There's one place in Arkansas I would look first though and that's the far south.  According to the National Weather Service, the far south is still experiencing a bad drought.

Anyway, enjoy the game and put in your lines in the comment section...

Robin Dennis... It's so hot ...... I saw a chicken lay a omelette !!!!

Michelle Sargent... It's so hot the squirrels are handling their nuts with pot holders ! 

Chris Holloway... It's so hot outside that hot water now comes out of both taps. 

Tina Sims... Its so hot the cows are giving evaporated milk 

Debby Hook... It's so can use your seat belt buckle as a branding iron. 

Rebecca Webb... It's so hot, fire hydrants are begging dogs to pee on them. 

Tabitha Geho Steadman... it's so hot, men now have a chance to understand hot flashes! 

Tori Hunt... its so hot that my over weight out of shape self would actually chase an ice cream truck right about now! 

Sara Hill Its so hot, chicken farmers are feeding their chickens ice chips to keep them from laying hard boiled eggs.



Josh Draper said...

It's so hot, I'm trying to get everyone in my neighborhood to run the AC and open their doors to generate a thunderstorm.

Anonymous said...

Its so hot out that birds are pulling worms out with pot holders

Ron said...

It's so hot you can cook some eggs, bacon, and toast on the pavement!

Ron said...

It's so hot you feel like a Quiznos sub after it's been toasted!

John said...

Its so hot I seen two rabbits using a turtle for a canteen.

shannonlynnae said...

Its so hot.... the trees are whistling for dogs!

Mr. Uselton said...

It is so hot Dick Cheney waterboarded himself

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