Sunday, June 05, 2011

Mother Nature Needs To Take A Laxative or a Chill Pill

First of all... THANKS ARKANSAS!  On Sunday, the Arkansas Weather Blog recorded hit number 800,000 since our relaunch 10 months ago.  Thanks for coming here for your in depth weather.  I look forward to 1,000,000!  As I have always said, this blog is about you and having fun with the weather.  If you ever have comments or suggestions on how to make it better, just email me or leave a post in the comment section.

Dewayne.  I give credit where it's due.
The heat wave will continue, but will relax some in the coming days.  I have to give credit for the idea of this post to audio/camera operator genius Dewayne Dixon here at Channel 7.  Mother nature will take a laxative or a chill pill this week.  While it will stay hot, the edge may come off as the strong ridge of high pressure weakens and the center may move away some.  So instead of upper 90s for highs, we're looking at low to mid 90s.  Hey, it's something right!  I'm looking for relief anywhere I can find it.

With the ridge moving away and weakening, that may open the door to more of those afternoon pop up showers and thunderstorms.   Just like Sunday, they will be capable of high winds, small hail, heavy rain, and frequent lightning.  Most should end when the heating of the day is over.

High pressure centered over Arkansas bring hot and humid weather.

High will shift to the west over the coming days allowing SLIGHTLY cooler temperatures and very small chances for isolated showers and storms.

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