Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Photogenic Storm Wednesday Night

You won't see a thunderstorm so clearly too often!!  One thunderstorm over south Arkansas was seen from miles and miles.  A boundary working through central and southern Arkansas cleared the skies so you could see the deep convection build along the boundary as it developed over Pine Bluff and moved southward.

Andria and I were out and about when we saw it.  It was a classic thunderstorm to say the least.  Our email box at the station filled up and I thought I would post a few pictures here.  Thanks to everyone for thinking of us and sending in your pictures AND video.

Video from Zac Cosner in Pine Bluff

Zac Cosner in Pine Bluff.  He said it smelled like pine after the storm due to all the broken limbs.

From Josh Green.  Fire in the sky!  This is the view of the storm from west Little Rock as it moved south of Pine Bluff.

KATV viewer pic of the storm as seen from Sheridan
Mammatus clouds from Warren
Mammatus clouds seen from Monticello
Mammatus seen from south AR

Storm on radar around 9:20 PM near Rison
Visible satellite photo from 22,000 miles in space.  You can clearly see the thunderstorm
Cleveland county hail

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Ryan said...

Mammatus were awesome.

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