Monday, October 24, 2011

Another Temperature Roller Coaster

Thanks to Ned and Barry for filling in for me this weekend.  After "Race For The Cure" Saturday, Andria and I embarked on a weekend project that took both days to complete.  We switched my office and Blake's room.  With baby #2 on the way, we wanted to put both boys in the same room and my office was the bigger of the two.  Since Andria is almost 7 months pregnant, she's not able to do much, so my mom and sister came over to help!   It's great to have family around!  Blake's crib was way too big to move through the door, so we had to take it apart, move it, and reassemble it.  We also moved a cable outlet into my office, re-painted, shampooed carpets, hung new curtains, etc, etc.  The only thing I have to do is remount my flat screen TV in my office.  Andria is due in the middle of January, but the Doctor thinks he will arrive much earlier than that.  We might be spending Christmas in the hospital! Who knows?  We still don't have a name for little Todd, but we have it narrowed to a couple of names.  I'll keep everyone updated.

Now onto the weather.  Earlier in the weekend, it appeared a very strong storm would move through next Thursday with a cold, miserable rain.  While I still expect some wet weather, the system looks weaker with less cold air.  With that said, temperatures will still take a wild ride this week with readings going into the 80s challenging record highs.

In Little Rock, the record high Tuesday is 89 set in 1944 and on Wednesday it's 88 set in 1992.  The computer models have us in the lower 80s.  While it's unlikely we'll break records, get ready for another burst of warm air, then the temperatures drop off again.

Once the front moves in Wednesday into Thursday, look for readings to only make it into the 50s and 60s.

As you have noticed on the blog, I have now started posting a ton of video.  I'm using an mp4 format to make sure those with iphone's can watch.  However, I have had some say they can't see the videos.  PLEASE let me know in the comment section if you are having problems with viewing them.  If I can't figure this out, I may just start uploading to Youtube and embedding the videos.  Thanks in advance!

Below are a few maps detailing the situation late this week and your early Halloween forecast!

This is the GFS valid late Tuesday.  The front is located north of the state with high pressure moving away on the Carolina coastline.  This is a warm set up with southwest winds pumping in unseasonably warm temperatures, however, that won't last long.
The front brings a large area of rain and storms late Wednesday into Thursday.  The warm air continues to get shoved off to the south while colder air takes over.

HPC indicates widespread 1'' amounts across the state as this transition occurs.  Some places could even see a little bit more.
The GFS long range forecast for Halloween looks GREAT.  Remember, it's still early and this could change.  It looks like "cool ghouls" will greet trick or treaters as high pressure at the surface noses in from the northeast keeping it dry and pleasant!


Jason H said...

Ill take up and down up and down temps with rain chances every 5 or 6 days over warm and dry anytime!

Chad Gardner said...

As long as the "hot" days are the low to mid 80's, I'll take a temperature roller coaster anytime of the year.

Snowbirdbob said...

Hello everyone, I am putting this out there..Our Coldest air of the season to arrive Nov.10-16..Could Ark have to deal with there first form of frozen precip..Who knows? But, By using my research & personal ingredients..That's what I have..This weeks system yes,Cooler with a round of rain..We Shall See..


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