Monday, October 10, 2011

Video Update

You may notice a couple of new features here on the blog and there's MORE to come.

First of all, the video on the upper right is directly from the Channel 7 Weather Center.  This will be updated by our meteorologists throughout each week.

The next BIG thing is the video you see below.  NO MORE USTREAM VIDEO BLOG DISCUSSIONS!  You will have nice, clear video without ads or banners as I discuss in depth model information this fall, winter, and spring.

Also, the video below is mp4.  This means all the iphone users WILL be able to see the video!!!!  If you are having problems viewing it, please let me know in the comment section. Again, this is just the beginning to what will be an even better blog as we go into the fall and winter!  Stay tuned for more features!

Euro model is from weatherunderground


Anonymous said...

Ironically I can see the video---just get a plugin note....and my PC works with Quicktime movies, AVI's and just about anything else. :)

03msc said...

Works great.

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