Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Winter Weather Contest

It's finally here!  The winter contest for the 2011-2012 season which will start on December 1st and end February 29th.

This year we will once again have 2 contests and play by the "Price Is Right" rules.  That means the winner is the person who guesses the closest without going over.

Due to the high number of entries expected, please read the rules carefully for each contest before entering.  If your entries do not follow the rules, I will have to disqualify you.

Contest #1...

Guess the TOTAL combined amount of snow to the nearest tenth of an inch for the following locations: Little Rock, North Little Rock, Harrison, and El Dorado. For example, if the 3 month totals were:  Little Rock 3.6'', North Little Rock 2.7'', Harrison 5.5'' and El Dorado 0.4''.  The combined total would be 12.2''

Prize package:  A professional, home weather station made by La Crosse Technologies which measures temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind and rainfall.

  • Wireless weather station measures temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind and rain
  • Wall-mounted or free-standing base; LCD display with 8 levels of contrast and 15-second LED backlight
  • Thermo-hygro sensor transmits outdoor data from up to 330 feet from base; attached wind and rain sensors
  • Alarm clock function; requires separate purchase of 5 AA batteries
  • Base measures 4-3/4 inches wide by 1-1/5 inches deep by 6-9/10 inches tall;
You will also win 4 tickets to the Golden Corral location in North Little Rock and an Arkansas Weather Blog t-shirt.

Erich Hopkins takes a blog shirt to the highest point in Arkansas during a snowstorm last February

Contest #2...

Guess the total number of degrees for the low temperature at the North Little Rock airport starting December 1st and ending February 29th.  For example, if the low temperature was 30 degrees everyday, you would guess 2730.

Prize package:  One year free subscription to  The app, RadarScope for your smart phone, 4 tickets to the Golden Corral, and an Arkansas Weather Blog t-shirt.

All entries must be in by Wednesday, November 23rd at 9 PM.  Send your entries to

If I receive multiple entries with the same guess, the person who got the guess in first keeps it and I will notify the others they will need to change their guess.



jimmylee42 said...


Looks like an interesting contest. With those criteria probably no need for a tiebreaker, huh?

My bucket in St. Charles, WLR, measured 3 inches exactly. My street was out of the heaviest bands of rain. Satisfied with what we got for sure.

Snowenthusiast said...

3 weeks after I bought the same exact weather station you are giving away one. I will enter anyways. This years snowfall guess is going to be tricky

The Weather Fanatic said...

Oh my I want that weatherstation!! Gonna be tough, but I will give it my all. I got right at 4.50 inches

The Weather Fanatic

JasonBHampton said...

This years contest will be just in time for our COLD air outbreak and our first "real" Winter Weather.

Remember back in October I said the drought would take a major hit in November with Severe weather chances? Well December is going to bring our first COLD air outbreak and Winter precip,early this year. My first Winter weather dates is the week of Dec 5-10. Most of December is going to be cooler than normal and active! Snow lovers in Northern Arkansas will remember this December for a long time! Watch out for Ice in Central and Southern Arkansas.

You better think about this before you enter the contest.;-)

The Wishcaster, Jason

Anonymous said...

Has anyone viewed the current run of the GFS? It's calling for heavy snow in north Louisiana, south Arkansas, and northeast Texas in about two weeks. Oh, GFS! How you make me laugh!

Anonymous said...

It aint gonna snow this year. you Are all crazy, ninja hasn't been on and Snowbird bill is dreaming. december will see are first cold wave.way to go out on a limb JASON. It usually gets cold in december but not this year not going to see any snow. you all are dreming and make stuff up

this is hugh and i will be watching all you wethermen want to bes.

SnowbirdBob said...

Hello Everyone, Jason, I am total agreement with your comments..Yes, Watch for Ice!!. & Yes, I have seen the Heavy Snow model for S Ark & N La, Flip a coin on that one for that far out?? But, I do think the models are starting to get the idea..

For Hugh, 1st..You have been on here for the last 2 years & You have been WRONG everytime, & Guess what..Ding..Ding..Ding.. Yep, Your going to be WRONG again..By the way what is a "Wethermen Bes" Still cant find that one in the Dictionary?? You still owe me & Ninja..Our free meals??..Ok I tell ya what if Arkansas doesnt get any snow this year...I will quit posting on here...I look forward to posting on here for years to come..& I dont see that trend haulted this year... Oh yeah.. Instead of watching all us wethermen bes..You want have much time because you will be watching all the snow flying past your That would be SnowbirdBob not see ya..

Michael Hook said...

Hugh is back? Nice. I can't wait for more of his "not going to snow" nonsense.

I have been busy, busy, busy but do plan on posting here in the comment section and on my Ninja's Corner(i just updated) much more as winter gets closer. I still think the mild weather continues with short cold shots through the end of the month. Now, I did see the GFS and it wanting to bring an arctic push south towards the end of the month and this could be the start of a pattern change leading into Dec but the first push doesn't stay around very long.

The very cold air in Alaska and NW Canada is very interesting to me because it's mid November and that's early for them to be getting -30s and -40s. So as that cold air sits, it becomes colder and colder and eventually as all air masses do gets shoved east and south as warmer air replaces it. The key is to watch Central Alaska temps and when you see them warm or forecast to warm, you'll know the air is on the move.

We will need to watch for some severe this Tuesday but more likely will be the threat of heavy rain. The 18Z GFS also indicates additional rains coming in over the latter part of the Thanksgiving weekend.

Good Luck to everyone who enters the Winter Weather Contest. Hugh, what about you? Bring it!

Michael Hook
aka The WeatherNinja

Anonymous said...

Hoping central arkansas gets frigid temps and lots of snow.

Omarr Wilson said...

Wow Guys.! Yall are Carzy.! Jaseson You maybe On to something.! I will def be watching the Weather Models Pretty close over the Next week.! P.S I'm actually scared to Enter the Contest.! Lol.!

Michael Hook said...

Models indicate a wet Sun-Tuesday but the weekend after Thanksgiving is looking wet again. Small quick pushes of cold air but nothing to get excited about seen in the long range models. Cold air sits trapped in Alaska and Canada.

It is November, but I still feel December will be more active.

Come by and say hello at the BUZZ Tailgate party at War Memorial Stadium tomorrow if you can. I'll have my Weather Channel hat on for easy identification.


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