Thursday, December 08, 2011

Record Snowfall for 2011?

If you haven't had a chance to check out "Ninja's Corner", I highly suggest it.  You can get to it by clicking on the navigation bar above.  He posted some interesting statistics recently about yearly snowfall and it's completely worth following this through the end of 2011.  If you take a look at annual snowfall (January through December), both Little Rock and North Little Rock are in record territory.  What a year!  We started it with huge amounts of snow in January and February, had a violent severe weather season, then had the hottest day EVER in Little Rock, and now we're capping it off with more snow.  If you ever think for a moment that our weather will settle down, you're wrong.  This is Arkansas!

In 2011 so far, Little Rock's annual snowfall is 16.2 inches which makes it the 6th snowiest on record.  Records for Little Rock date back to the 1870s.  Here are the years we could beat if we get more snow by December 31st.

1. 1960 (32.6'')
2. 1966 (21.6'')
3. 1918 (19.4'')
4. 1880 (17.2'')
5. 1905 (16.4'')
6. 2011 (16.2'')

In North Little Rock the annual snowfall so far is 17.9 inches.  This makes it the 2nd snowiest year in recorded weather history which dates back to the 1970s.

1. 1979 (19.1'')
2. 2011 (17.9'')

We'll see what happens between now and the end of the year!   Thanks for reading the Arkansas Weather Blog!

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jimmylee42 said...


Love the weather statistics you and the Ninja are putting on here from the NWS. Not to confuse but to add to the conversation. The winter totals will be different of course than the yearly totals and to me reflect and demonstrate the severity of a winter or the lack of snowfall. The winter of 1917-18 is shown as having the most snowfall with 26.0 inches for the season. The winter season of 1959-60 used to be shown as the winner with 26.6 inches, but they lost their ranking at some point because 5.4 inches of the snow came in March, therefore making the winter season total 21.2 inches. I remember the 59-60 winter to well, because I was a senior in high school. Also, a side note is that both the 18-19 and the 59-60 winters fall on the 6th year of the 6 year cycle.

jimmylee42 said...


Correction to my last post. On the second writing of the winter year I meant the season of 1917-18 not 18-19.

JasonBHampton said...

Sure looks like a little warm-up next week with a thunderstorm chance, but after that WATCH-OUT! Could Arkansas be dealing with our 1st major Winter storm 18-20? December to Remember.