Monday, December 19, 2011

Watch The Plains Blizzard LIVE & Video Blog (White Christmas?)

At least the chance for a white Christmas isn't zero.  In the video I explain what COULD happen for you snow lovers.  Also, check out the interactive radar below!!!!

I have a feeling a few storm chasers will be streaming live video from the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles into Kansas.  Early Monday morning, I already saw one chaser near Amarillo.  Just click on the care when they appear and watch!


jimmylee42 said...


You probably missed the last two "White Christmases". I was in LR for 5 of the last 6 ones. I remember 1963, 1975, 1983, 1990, and of course the most recent one 2004. The one I wasn't here for because I was out of state at the time was in 1962. So, that is 6 in 50 winters which is an average over the last 50 seasons one in about 8 or 12 per cent on average for that period. Bring it on, but please no ice with it.

Anonymous said...

so whats it looking like for xmas here in lr? could something really come our way?

JasonBHampton said...

Models are going CRAZY ahead of our next chance of snow. Remember the models did a AWFUL job with our last two snows. Randolph County didnt even go under a Advisory until we had 1 inch on the ground and it was snowing a inch a hour by This thing is still 6 days out it could go to NOTHING or a full Winter Storm. I really feel like SNOWBIRDBOB though. I am betting the ground will be White in some of Arkansas Christmas morning, more than likely it will be the Northern 1/3 of the state, but ya never know. Dont give up hope Arkansas because the models do a awful job this year with the cold air in the South and dont pick up the Gulf Of Mexico Moisture very good. Itll be interesting!!! We have a chance!!!

BTW...My Ice Storm is still coming!!!


Anonymous said...

I used to come here regularly, but not so often now that most posts are videos. They take awhile to load and many times I'm still up in the same room dh is sleeping in, so can't have noise from a vid. PLEASE go back to typing it out so we can just read it. I hope I'm not alone in this.

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