Friday, January 13, 2012

The Next 10 Days and Beyond

I go on a little rant at the beginning of the video about long range forecasting.  It's all my opinion and I'm sorry if I'm a little long winded.  Also, I take a look at the European model through the next 10 days.  I hope you enjoy and don't laugh to hard at my rant.

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Mitchell said...

Discouragement and a sense of helplessness fills many bloggers minds as we get well into winter with no signs of winter weather on the horizon. We sweat out the long hot summer in anticipation of cold winter and then it appears to go away. It tries the soul!

Anonymous said...

"@Travjacks87 winter is my favorite season! I love cold and snow!!!!!!"

If this is true, why do you seem to speak badly of cold weather and when a warm up arrives, call it nice? Or perhaps you were referring to just snow? Just wondering :)

jimmylee42 said...

Happy Anniversary,Ninja!

My records show that we were indeed in the middle of a cold wave when you and your wife were married. As you know it came just a couple of weeks after the incredible cold wave in December of 83. It stayed cold for several more days after Jan 14 84 with highs only in the 20's for many of those days.

It was a winter to remember for sure. By the way, I see Fairbanks is currently at -43. Coldest so far in January for them and colder today than Yakutsk Russia which had three days in a row with highs under -55. They bottomed out at -63 yesterday. Not so unusual for Yakutsk in that they are the coldest city in the world with population over 100,000. Their average temp in January is -40. Fairbanks average temp for January is about -5, so they have been way below average in the last few weeks. Nome Alaska has been more below normal than Fairbanks.

We will see if that cold starts moving after Jan 22nd and if we can get and "Omega" type jet stream to bottom out under I 20. If we did winter would have a new definition for us. Right now LR has not had a high temp under 40 degrees according to NWS. Would be super rare if we went an entire winter without one. We had an afternoon high under 40 the other day, but the official high occured after midnight.

As mild as we have been I saw somewhere that South Lake Tahoe had less snow than we did in December. Wow, how unusual can it get this season.

E.T. said...

Today is saturday 1-14-12. The NWS called for a high of 59 today and its 63 at 1 pm intresting. Also on monday the NWS calling for a high of 67 in little rock. If that happens it would be 17 degrees above a normal high. Ok say if this was the dead of summer. Say if the hottest average temp in litle rock is 94 degrees. Add 17 degrees on to that it would be 111 degrees. Hey wait a minute does that sound familiar. Wasnt it 113 degrees back in august? Its been above normal for months.

The Weather Fanatic said...

Great post Todd! This made think of the following post that I published on the blog about a month ago:

I will not go out on any major limbs over the next month, but do expect "The Artic Express" to visit. I don't think it will stick around though like it did last year. Expect sharp cool downs for a few days to follow with big warmups. This will bring our severe weather back in play as we approach February. You have to expect an early start to Tornado season in a strong La Nina Winter. Buckle up, it will be a wild ride and I can't wait!!

Michael Bodiak

The Weather Fanatic

December 19, 2011 11:17 PM

How about that?? Got any openings at the station? I would quit my job in a heartbeat if a could. :-)

Severe weather has to be on guard with this type of pattern. We all know what February and March can bring in a strong La Nina. I do think we have a small window or two of winter precip, but it will be in and out of here fast. Doubt it "sticks around" very long with such a progressive pattern. Also, when you get a chance (I know you've been busy), can you post my entry (s) for the contest? I want that Weather Station! I emailed it to your work email instead of prior to the deadline.


Michael Bodiak

The Weather Fanatic

Michael Hook said...

Thank you Jimmy Lee. You're right the cold around my wedding was part of the cold we had already experienced in Dec of 83.

I know before we left on our honeymoon I had to stop and try to wash off all the shaving cream messages on the car and it was impossible with light snow/sleet falling.