Sunday, April 29, 2012

Record Breaking Heat Possible


It's looking like the beginning of May could feel like the beginning of June.  The unseasonably warm weather from winter and spring should roll on for at least a week as a ridge of high pressure brings a summer like pattern.  By the end of the 7 day period, we'll be getting closer to the end of our primary severe weather season.  Right now, it appears Arkansas has escaped some major outbreaks this season, but I'll remain cautiously optimistic and hope we can make it through the month without any significant severe weather.

Starting Tuesday, we will challenge daily record highs.  It's going to be difficult to break them, but it will be close.  As we go into next weekend, Toad Suck Daze should be warm and humid with low rain chances.  The festival has not had it easy over the past few years with plenty of rainfall, but this year may finally break that streak!

After this week, there are signs the pattern may change and allow readings to drop to average or even below average.  Check out the maps below!

Also, participate in the poll to the right.  What do you consider "hot"?

Here are the record high temperatures for Little Rock Tuesday through Sunday.  It looks like May of 1952 was a hot one doesn't it!!!  We'll challenge these records!
NOAA's 8-14 day outlook indicates cooler than average temperatures possible.


Anonymous said...

This hellish heat is making it hard to play tennis outside! It's getting on my nerves. Hopefully high temps will drop at least below 80 after this week of hell.

jimmylee42 said...


My daughter was thrilled to meet you in the produce section tonight. She said you were very nice and remembered my handle on the blog.

She failed to tell you when the subject came up of the 6 year weather cycle that she won first place in regional science fair plus the meteorological society award.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, DAD. I don't like to brag... :-)
You should take Todd and the other weather geeks out to dinner sometime. Hehehehehe....

Hey WeatherNinja! I like the t-shirts!