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It's not even July and it's safe to say we're sick of the heat already.  After experiencing the hottest June day ever in recorded Little Rock weather history, we're looking for any relief we can find.  Looking at the long range models, I can't find any chance for significant rainfall.  The entire state has a "high" wildfire danger and with the 4th of July right around the corner, I expect some places to move into the "extreme" category.

While western Arkansas may have a few 100 degree temperatures Wednesday, widespread triple digit temperatures will return to the remainder of the state Thursday.  This means we will once again challenge daily record high temperatures at many locations including Little Rock.  Here are the records through June 30th

Thursday June 28th... 103 (1954)
Friday June 29th... 105 (1988)
Saturday June 30th... 102 (1931)

Little Rock has not had measureable rainfall since June 12th.  This means we'll have to keep an eye on yet another record.. longest consecutive days without rainfall.

As of Wednesday, it's 15 days.  Number 1 on the list is the period from July 27th, 1995 to September 3, 1995 (39 days)

The 10th longest period is June 29th, 1986 to July 30th, 1986 (32 days).

Some might say it's a little too premature to talk about this, but after reviewing the long range data, there is little hope for widespread rainfall over the next couple of weeks.  If that data is correct, this record could go down as well.

For those of you in the summer contest, the numbers are changing daily and I'll keep them updated.

Stay cool... heat is the number one weather related killer!  Please stay safe!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for Fall to come! I remember our first October cold front like it was yesterday. One day the temperature was near 90, the next day Little Rock was running a wind chill of 44 degrees. Temps hovered nicely in the 50's for a week or so. I'm sure Mr. Yakoubian thoroughly enjoyed the "October Chill," as he labeled it, just as many of us did.

Anonymous said...

20% chance of rain at the end of the week! Could this be...?!

Anonymous said...

High temperatures are going to drop from around 107 down to a chilling 99 and even 98! Better break out the heavy duty winter jacket!

Anonymous said...

Is the year shaping up to be another 1980?

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