Friday, August 24, 2012

August Ending Active And September Start To Sizzle


There is just so much going on with our weather over the next week with big implications since we kick off football and kick off some late Summer heat.  I don't want to get too ahead of myself.  Let's start with the weekend.  A surge of moisture from the south will bring hit and miss showers and storms Saturday into Sunday with mostly cloudy skies.  It won't be the greatest weekend, but at least there are rain chances.

This is Saturday morning simulated radar from the hi res NAM.  Notice we will have some hit and miss showers and storms across the state as moisture surges in from the south.  This has absolutely nothing to do with Isaac.
These are all the different computer model plots concerning the track of Isaac.  It still remains very likely he will stay east of Arkansas with minimal impact here.  There continues to be 1 computer model, which at times, takes him further west.  If the European model verifies, we will have to watch for some wind and rain, especially for eastern Arkansas.   But right now, most of the other models including the official track from TPC show it far enough to the east that our only affect will be a northerly dry flow with mostly clear skies.  This could change so stay tuned.
The European model valid Saturday morning Sept 1st is a little disturbing!  This is the 500 mb (upper level) pattern.  There's ridging in the central United States.  I have also looked at the 850mb level and it's very warm.  The good news, the kick off to the 2012 Razorback football season could be dry.  The bad, temperatures will be very warm and possibly hot.  I don't think the heat will be June/July extreme, but the feeling of fall may NOT be in the air with a pattern like this.  I'll keep you updated.

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Anonymous said...

Todd, your are the weatherman around that is NOT wanting arkansas to be somewhat impacted. This is exactly what the state needs. The creeks, rivers, lakes and pond need this.

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