Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Close Contest


There's some drama in the summer contest and we only have about 2 weeks left.  The winner of the grand prize, the home weather station, is still up for grabs and there's an outside chance we won't have a winner again this season!

Remember, we play using the "Price Is Right" rules.  Whoever is closest without going over.  So far this summer, we have had 90, 100 degree + days.  If we didn't have anymore, it would be a tie between Megan Duncan and Anne Glover.  Then we go to the tiebreaker which asked for the amount of rain this summer at the Little Rock airport.  So far, the official number is 4.46''.  Both Megan and Anne are OVER on that amount so there would be no winner in contest number 1.

HOWEVER, "not so fast my friend".  We have rainfall in the forecast!  Megan guessed 6.98'' and Anne guessed 10.20''.  For Megan to win the tiebreaker, Little Rock must receive 2.52'' of rainfall.

Also, if we have just one more 100 degree day and that's entirely possible either at Little Rock, Ft. Smith, Jonesboro, or Pine Bluff, the winner would then be Amanda Paige who guessed exactly 91.

I'll frequently update the contest numbers.  Good luck!   This could go down to the very last day!

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