Monday, September 17, 2012

Video Blog Discussion... 2 Punches of Fall Air


We have 2 punches of fall air on the way to the state.  Check out the details in this video blog discussion.

Also, recent rains may help salvage a brilliant fall.  When the leaves change colors, make sure you send pictures to

Enjoy the video...


Anonymous said...

Be careful what you tweet, Bob! You think that this cool September is a sign of good things to come and someone on Accuweather forums thought the same thing, but someone else posted a graphic depicting September last year as below normal in the plains-south. And we all know how winter last year turned out!

Just had to say, Todd even stated that summer temperatures have no correlation to what will happen in winter. The same principles should apply when comparing the present to the future in any given timeframe.


To Anonymous..Above..I am well aware of what I tweeted..This Sept.2012 is nowhere near what Sept.2011 Values were..You have to look at much more factors that drive the weather pattern..Last Sept. La Nino..This Sept. El Nino...Summer 2011 NAO & AO mostly positive..Winter 2011-12..Mostly Positive NAO & AO..With a La Nino...Summer of 2012 NAO & AO Mostly Negative..Current NAO & AO..Negative..Also currently weak El Nino...So, To me...Things will be different & Much Colder & Wintry for this winter...I went back & looked at over 60 US Winter's with th similar Values..& 80% of th US Winter were Colder than average...As far as the tweet..I simply stated a situation that would be very possible in the depth of the Winter Season..So, Mr. or Mrs. Anonynous..If you would like to add to this feel free..I just give my opinion with my predictions..If I am wrong ..That only makes me stronger in the future..

Bob Read AKA SnowbirdBob

Anonymous said...

Okay, thanks for the clarification on the other variables involved. I didn't think of them. It just sounded like based on your tweet that this one factor itself would be the reason why we'd have a better winter.

By the way, SnowbirdBob, are you still predicting that September 21st-28th we will receive a major cool down? I hope so, because nobody has been mentioning it for a while now.

SnowbirdBob said...

Most forecast models have backed off on the Major Cool Down in that time-frame..But..I do think during that time-frame it will be cooler than the first one..Still think some see frost in Arkansas during that period...We Shall See?!

Bob Read AKA SnowbirdBob