Thursday, October 25, 2012

Octo-BRRRR... The Sequel


Many times the original is better than the sequel, but that's not the case this time.  The cold air mass arriving tonight will be the coldest so far this season.  It will also come with some rain and rumbles of thunder, but right now, it appears it will be out of here for all the Friday night football games.  I'm sure the hot chocolate sales will be through the roof as cold and windy conditions grip the state.

If you watched my Facebook video extra Wednesday, you know that Hurricane "Sandy" will have an indirect impact on Arkansas and a direct impact on some Arkansans.  There's a very good chance Sandy will phase with a strong trough of low pressure across New England and create a MONSTER storm over New England next week.  In the storms wake, a northwesterly wind flow aloft will keep up cool and dry.  Temperatures will only be in the 50s and 60s for highs with lows in the 30s and 40s.

Sandy, or what's left of her, will impact any Arkansans traveling as there will major air travel delays up and down the east coast.  Whenever there are major and widespread delays, it will create a ripple effect across the country.

I have detailed maps below showing the timing of the front according to the hi-res North American Model. It will take you through Friday night football and the Razorback game Saturday. You may have to click to enlarge each picture to read the temperatures

Can you guess where the cold front is located?  This is at 1 PM Thursday and the front is just touching the northwest corner of the state.  Ahead of it, readings will soar into the 70s and 80s, but the cold air is just up the road.
By 7 PM Thursday, the front is entering central Arkansas.  There is a huge spread in temperatures from the 40s across the north to the 80s ahead of it in southwest Arkansas.
By 1AM Friday, the front is through most of the state with only southeast Arkansas still seeing the warmer temperatures, but that won't last long.
At 7 AM Friday morning, the big BRRRR is here.  Look at all the 30s across northwest Arkansas and 40s elsewhere.
By 7 PM Friday, all the football games around the state will be getting underway and you're going to need your coat!  Temperatures are in the 40s across northwest Arkansas with 50s elsewhere.  Readings will fall into the 40s for most of the state during those games.... BUNDLE UP.  It's going to be breezy as well.
By 7 AM Saturday, tailgaters at War Memorial are going to get a cold start with widespread 30s and 40s!
By 1PM Saturday, we're only in the upper 50s across all of central Arkansas.  It's going to be cool at the game!

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Anonymous said...

A coat in the 50's/40's? That's hilarious.

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