Saturday, December 08, 2012

sNOw Way....

I think you will find this video entertaining and informative at the same time, which is what this blog is all about anyway.  There's ONE model showing a few flakes Monday morning while the others say, "sNOw Way"! 

One thing is for sure, after a round of rain and storms Sunday afternoon and evening, much colder and windy conditions will grip the state.  This video explains it all... ENJOY!


Anonymous said...

Really? I doubt anyone was thinking this would have ever been a big deal. I think most people, including myself, are hoping to see a little snow. The possibility is the best we've had in a long time. Don't melt away my snow hopes. It seems like AWB Todd from past years has become TV forecaster Todd. Bread and milk sandwiches.....ha!

Omarr Wilson said...

I haven't wanted to even update about it yet b/c I wasn't really buying into it. Plus I didn't want to give false hopes. But things are more clearer now. So I'm doing Major updates tomorrow. Hopefully this is a teaser of the winter to come.