Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mild to Wild? A Pre-Christmas Storm On The Horizon.

The dangers of forecasting the long range have become very apparent over the past few days.  What appeared to be an attack of brutally cold air just before Christmas is gone on the models.  It still gets cold, but not as cold as what they were advertising just last week.  Can this change?  Absolutely.  But as we get closer and closer, the models hone into what should happen.

With that said, there's a storm system we much watch carefully.  You don't need brutal arctic air to produce winter precipitation in Arkansas.  Right now, it appears rain will be very possible, we can't rule out some winter weather, especially up north.  This video blog will explain it all from A to Z.  Remember, this was recorded Sunday morning December 15th.  There are still 10 days until Christmas and so much can and will change.  Here's what it looks like this Sunday morning.  Enjoy!

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