Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wintry Weather Possible Next Week

3:20 PM Wednesday Update... well, the audio on that video was messed up for some reason and I hope I have it fixed here with this new one.  This is the latest model data I have this afternoon (Wednesday)

As always, whenever you can use alliteration, do it.  LOL!  Anyway, all the models point towards a significant storm system starting next Tuesday for much of the central and eastern United States.  As can be expected, all of the data shows differences in the specifics.  If the storm goes further north, then we're talking about rain.  If it goes south, then we're looking at more wintry weather.  This video goes over it all for you.  Enjoy.

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Unknown said...

Thanks, I been waiting for an update! Praying for snow, no ice!

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