Thursday, February 13, 2014

Winter So Far

This winter reminds me of those during the 1980s.  Real cold with snow and ice!  It has been a brutal onslaught of snow, cold, and ice, especially since the middle of January.  We are now finally going to get a break for quite awhile, however I think the cold will come back.  I know some of you probably do not want to hear that.  We have to remember that it's still only the middle of February.  

So where are we so far this winter and so far this month?  Of course these numbers will change with a couple of weeks to go in February.  Remember, meteorological winter is defined as December through February so the final winter numbers will be completed at the end of the month too.

If winter were to end today....

It would be the 5th coldest on record by average temperature.

It would be the 6th coldest on record by average low temperature

If February ended today...

It would be the coldest February on record by average monthly temperature

It would be the coldest February on record by average high temperature

It would be the 5th coldest February on record by average low temperature

There's no doubt these numbers will be affected by the huge warm up heading our way this weekend into next week.  However, there are signs colder weather will return by the end of the month.  How cold?  That's yet to be determined.  Saying it's going to get chilly again really isn't going out on a limb.  After all, it's still February.  Enjoy the next week!


Anonymous said...

Since Dec. 1 we have had snow cover on the ground for a total of 30 days in Marion County. It is just now melting from last weeks storms.

jimmylee42 said...

Todd-NWS stats show that 115 years ago yesterday Little Rock had their lowest high and lowest all time temp. High 5 and the low -12. Feb 12 1899.

Anonymous said...

Hey Todd, I was just wanting to get your opinion on what the Euro has been throwing out the past few days for at least the eastern half of Arkansas next Saturday (February 22nd). I posted this a few days ago when people were jumping down your throat for no reason and I'm kind of concerned with a Supercell threat on Saturday. This isn't etched in stone or anything like that, I would just like your honest opinion as to what you see. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!

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