Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Is Here, But There's More Winter

1 PM Thursday Update... Here's a video explaining the rain/snow chances, colder weather, and a warm up to end spring break.  Enjoy.


Here we go again. I haven't blogged about this yet because I wanted to get a good handle on how all this would play out.  The picture is coming into focus now.  You may remember the news last Sunday night when I said spring break looked quite a bit below average in terms of temperature.  The average next week here in Little Rock is around 67 to 68 degrees for highs.  I think there's a good chance they will be almost 20 degrees below that.  While this is absolutely nothing compared to what we experienced in January and February, it's going to get your attention, I PROMISE!  Don't plant anything either.  I think there's a good chance some places in Arkansas will have frost and/or freezing conditions.

This would make it two years in a row we had cold weather during spring break.  However, will it make it two years in a row we had snow in the state during this time period?  While we will likely have NOTHING compared to last year, it would not surprise me at all to hear about a few snowflakes falling across northern Arkansas next Monday night/early Tuesday morning.  It will not be anything significant, but it will just leave you shaking your head.

If you don't like cold weather, there's good news for you.  It looks like a rapid warm up is on tap for the end of next week.

This is the GFS valid Tuesday at midnight.  This is indicating areas of snow flurries across northern Arkansas.  Likely nothing major, but it is considering it's spring break!  The blue line is the 35 degree line and the red line is the 32 degree line so you can see temperatures are marginal.  Look at that high in SW Kansas.  That's a strong 1033 mb high bringing in cooler air on a ENE wind!
This is just a reminder of last spring beak.  This is viewer picture from Fulton county in March 2013.  Almost 9'' piled up.
Late next Thursday (March 27th), you can already see the cold exiting to the east and the warm air building into Texas and Oklahoma.  Those are 70s and 80s out there!

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