Monday, March 03, 2014

We're On Record Watch


I knew it would be a sleet storm, but some of the pictures out of northern Arkansas shocked me.  Several feet piled up in places for two reasons.  First was the wind drifting it.  Second, most of the pictures coming out of the north showed it piling up next to houses.  The sleet fell off roofs and piled in areas.  Still very amazing to see.

Photo is courtesy of Nick Beard in Newport.
While a large majority of the roads have ice on them, I expect improvement later this morning into the afternoon, even if we keep some cloud cover around.  Insolation (incoming solar radiation) can help melt the roads even with temperatures below freezing.

Again, we're on record watch today.  If the high temperature does not hit 30 degrees in Little Rock, it will be the coldest high temperature ever observed in Little Rock during the month of March.  AMAZING if that happens and it's a real possibility.

Also, the record low Tuesday morning is 15 set in 2002 and it will be challenged.  So with temperatures staying below freezing tonight, any wet roads will refreeze tonight.

There's no doubt this has been a winter to remember and I don't think we're done yet.  While I do NOT see any major storms soon, a weak system could bring a little light wintry weather to northern Arkansas Wednesday night into Thursday morning.  Right now, it does not look significant, but I'll watch it


Anonymous said...

Ok! this is Enough Already! No more for Northern Arkansas! Thank you for all you do and hope you are enjoying your sledding

Anonymous said...

What Arkansas needs is a good ole' blizzard from winter as a going away present! Wish every winter were like this!

Anonymous said...

I hope those who want a blizzard are joking. Storms are no joke. People get hurt, and it costs money.

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