Thursday, July 17, 2014

Living Through Weather History

About a week ago, I said this pattern could make weather history and it still has promise to do just that.  I'm writing this post early in the afternoon on Thursday and it's only 70 degrees in Little Rock with many locations across western Arkansas only in the 60s.  There's no other way of putting this... AMAZING and UNREAL!!!!!   These readings are more than 20 degrees below average.

Look at these records which will likely fall...

The coolest daily high temperature Thursday July 17th is 77 in 1923
The coolest daily high temperature Friday July 18th is 78 set in 1918 and 1897

We're almost guaranteed of breaking that 1923 record of 77 degrees and it's very possible to break the other one Friday.  Also, if we stay at or below 73 degrees today, we will break into the top 10 coolest July days in Little Rock weather history.  That's going to be tough to do, but it's certainly possible.  The locations in the 60s are very likely to bust and shatter some long standing records.  For more on these temperature and rainfall records, check out the blog posts below.

With the rainfall coming in this afternoon into Friday morning, we're going to start paying attention to some monthly rainfall records.  Little Rock could easily see 1-2 inches with isolated higher amounts.  So far this July, we have had 4.64 inches of rain.  It's possible to be close to 7 inches by Friday afternoon.  With almost 2 weeks left this month, we have the potential to break into the top 10 wettest July's in Little Rock weather history.  Here are the numbers and records.

1. 2009 11.65''
2. 1891 9.23''
3. 1988 7.95''
4. 1989 7.87''
5. 1923 7.86''
6. 1932 7.76''
7. 1951 7.60''
8. 1889 7.59''
9. 1936 7.51''
10. 1902 7.46''

It's interesting to note the wettest July in history was in 2009.  That was also the last year we did NOT hit 100 degrees all summer.  It also turned out the be the wettest year in Little Rock too.  While it's unlikely we will have amounts reach 11.65'', the potential for heavy rain associated with thunderstorms will exist as we near the end of the month.

The morning run of the European model from indicates between 1-2 inches across central AR with higher amounts southwest.   Northern AR will get the least.
The hi res NAM shows something similar to the European.


jimmylee42 said...

Todd-Records are made to be broken and I think this winter will see daily lows and snowfall records set with several lows in the single digits. By the way Ned just said on the 5:00 weather that the record for lowest high is 69 for July and we are at 70 so far. I'm saying that you are correct with the 69 old record not standing. If you are right 70 would be a new all time low high for the entire month of July. Cool!

jimmylee42 said...

Todd-I love weather history! Interesting about the year 1880 that the record we just tied came from. 1880 holds another record that might be one of the most difficult to break. That is the all time low temp for LR in Nov. NWS has it at 10 degrees.

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