Thursday, January 22, 2015

Friday Flakes

11:45AM Thursday Update... Beautiful scenes over western Arkansas this morning, but did you notice there was nothing on the roads, except for Mount Magazine.  Temperatures above 2000 feet were cold enough for that to stick on the roads.  I think it's very possible for something similar to happen across western AND central Arkansas Friday morning as described in the blog video below.  It's important to remember temperatures will hover just above freezing.  This will keep roads mostly wet, but there could be some minor accumulations on grassy surfaces, cars, and other exposed objects.  What about amounts?  I think an inch or less.  An inch is probably being generous, but we'll see.  The time for the best chance in the metro will be around 4-9AM.

The NEW GFS from Weatherbell shows those minor accumulations from LR westward and mostly under 1''.  There could be some accumulation across eastern AR as well.  Check out the blog video below for more!


I just don't like to tell you the weather, but explain it all here on the Arkansas Weather Blog.  I really think this video does that.  It's once again loaded with information for this rain/snow tonight into Friday morning.  Hope you enjoy!!!!

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